Best Tools For Doing Manual Marketing Outreach

Best Tools For Doing Manual Marketing Outreach

When we compare impactful industries today, the field of digital marketing has arguably had the fastest and most impactful rise to the top. The rise of this field has been a direct result of the continuous growth of the internet and other technological advancements. With the internet itself showing no signs of slowing down, digital marketing strategies are becoming more important every year.

Needless to say, this field has far exceeded any initial expectations it had since its initial creation. To give some perspective on how far digital marketing has come, the field has grown big enough to branch out into smaller niche strategies including organic search, paid advertising methods, and influencer marketing. Of these smaller but powerful strategies, influencer marketing has grown in its own right in ways no one expected. This stems from the rise of social media and its power to grow and market businesses. Because of this, manual marketing research tools are also becoming more important in the field – unless you wanna outsource your guest posts to a SEO agency. These tools were put in place to create faster and more efficient communication between influencers and businesses. In a way, this tool has become a bridge between the two that allows for benefits such as cost-effective promotional marketing methods, product research, and other similar business advantages.

With influencer marketing slowly becoming the go-to method of promoting a product or service, it’s not a far stretch to say that manual marketing tools will one day be a necessity for all businesses. With this in mind, let’s go over some of the best SEO tools for doing manual marketing research and outreach.



As opposed to simply being an outreach tool, the Buzzstream tool is also a popular choice because of its discovery and research capabilities. It allows for productive communication with influencers by allowing the user to manage their relationships. This is done through methods such as niche-specific searching, influencer conduct research, and a large database to choose from. Buzzstream also adds attention to detail with small features such as social media engagement and save features. Overall, these features go a long way in saving valuable time for an owner and their business.



Instead of heavily relying on research strategies, the Upfluence manual marketing tool focuses on influencer relationship building. This has proven to be an effective strategy for this platform with more tools making their version of it. As far as how Upfluence influencer outreach works, it mainly focuses on adding personalized touches including email templates, guest blogging, and marketing campaigns. That said, it does hold its own when it comes to its research capabilities. The Uplfuence tool has a unique way to help find influencers with add-ons such as location targeting, niche targeting, and personal information targetting as well.


Ninja Outreach

More than anyone else, the Ninja Outreach tool was uniquely designed for bloggers. With features such as customizable personal outreach templates and email tracking, Ninja Outreach also gives users a world-wide database to find the best influencer for their business. Even better, all of these features can be left alone to run automatically after filtering the database research system. In other words, it finds the best fits while you work on growing your business in other areas. In addition to that, it also allows for specific ways to organize any data received. This contributes to saving lots of time from making simple changes.



Another marketing outreach tool that focuses on relationship building with influencers is Pitchbox. Pitchbox allows for quick and easy access to influencers by eliminating all the unwanted technical research features that only slow the research process down. Instead, it allows the user to find relevant niche opportunities through engaging and connecting with influencers. Specifically, some of it’s best prospecting features include searching through website URL’s, social media profiles, and personal contact information. That said, perhaps the most popular feature it has is its systematic approach of securing an influencer. This is accomplished through a series of six steps that anyone can follow to get the best fit.


Group High

To begin with, the Group High marketing outreach tool has one of the largest targeted databases of influencers to choose from. This saves lots of time without having to make any specific adjustments. Specifically, users can select from over 15 million active blogs that can be narrowed down further with content and research specific filters. One unique feature that it has is the ability for users to import their list of influencers for even faster results. Also, with the ability to track and organize information, the Group High outreach tool ends up being one of the most well-rounded tools on the market.



Going away from the traditional selling points of other manual marketing outreach tools, the Prospect.IO tool makes a name for itself by focusing on sales through contact. In a nutshell, this strategy allows the user to narrow down their searches to the most sales-ready influencers on the market. That said, this tool is best used as a way to find personal contact information. While it might seem insignificant, this capability is one of the most important strategies as it allows users to send the most relevant and personal outreach while keeping personal and business boundaries in mind.



Yet another well-rounded marketing outreach tool is the BuzzSumo tool. Apart from its outreach abilities, it has capabilities including blog post research, content performance analysis, and social media integration. With its marketing outreach capabilities, it allows users to find the most relevant influencers through ultra-specific filters such as influencer brand connections and social shares. Overall, it is a popular choice because of its friendly user interface. No matter how big or small your business is, there is a way to benefit from this tool in one way or another.



Perhaps the most interesting research outreach tool is Tomoson. It stands apart in the way it focuses on keywords as a way to find relevant influencers. Depending on your keywords, different specific outreach opportunities are presented to find the best fit. It gives user different metrics to analyze including website visitors, social media engagement, and completion percentage for even more accurate influencer connection. More than anything else, it’s the ability to help users conduct blogger research through its built-in audience is the reason this tool is growing in popularity.



No matter how good a tool’s research or outreach strategies are, poor platform service can derail any progress made. This is one of the reasons InkyBee is growing on more influencers and business owners. On both the research and outreach side of things, InkyBee provided top-notch service through targeted campaign strategies, blog discovery features, and other similar benefits. It’s automatic features also allow much of the dirty work to be left on autopilot while you work on other areas.



Last but not least is the Klear outreach tool. More than anything, this tool focuses on relevancy. This includes providing accurate and specific results through a unique three-step approach. With this approach, users are given access to thousands of niche-specific influencers to connect with a method that saves lots of valuable time and money.

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